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Branding Your Social Media Appearance

Updated: Tue, 10 Feb 2015

The proper branding of your social media is just as important as the design for your website. The appearance of your social media pages may be the first impression that you give to your potential customer and we all know that first impressions are very important.
Branding Your Social Media Appearance

Social Media Branding

Whether your customers have gone to your website first, or they found you through the social media website, your social media branding needs to be strong, attractive, and consistent.

Having a consistent look is not only professional but it shows your followers that you are in business to distinguish yourself from the competition and it also allows them to know that any of your associated social media platforms will be reliable sources of information. While you may not want all of your social media pages to look identical every page will represent your brand and there does need to be some fluidity. This will show exactly what the intention of your brand is and it will help to engage your social media followers.

With the rapid growth of social media today your customers are exposed to a barrage of tweets, “likes”, texts and messages on the web. When you consider the tweets are limited to 140 characters and most text messages or even shorter than that, you’re not only fighting to be seen above the crowd but you are contending with short attention spans as well.

The Importance of Graphic Design in Social Media

Your social media appearance, or your graphic design, now plays a big role in how your product or company is being perceived by every social media user. Your best chance at success is to make a great first impression by employing exciting, or attention-grabbing, graphic design.

When you have an attractive graphic design it helps to strengthen your brand and it can even make your business seem larger than it is. One of the biggest benefits of a well-designed graphic is that it can stir people to post links on their own social media pages in this direction your new potential customers back to your main website and could start a viral campaign has unlimited potential for you.

Currently we offer the following background branding design packages: YouTube, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook contact us for any questions you may have regarding these packages.


Description: Your social media appearance plays a big role in how your product or company is being perceived
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