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Child Predator Email Scam

Updated: Wed, 5 Feb 2014

Another email phishing scam is making its rounds once again. This email has been out for a couple of years and in various forms. Its newest incarnation comes with a subject line “Child Predator Warning”. While we think most email scams come from overseas, believe it or not, this one is stemming right here from the United States.
Child Predator Email Scam

As is the typical signature of these types of email scams it comes with an emotional warning, one that in your haste may be lured into clicking on the links in the email. But as always never ever click on links in an email that you are not familiar with.

The body of this email reads something like this;


Neighborhood Safety Alert!!!

You are receiving this email because there may be a risk of sex offender activity in your area.

If you would like to know who they are, where they live, and how you can protect your family from sexual predators, please click here.

Note: the website you are about to access contains actual sex offender information. Please use caution when utilizing the service.

I understand and want to proceed >>>

(Underneath the main body of the message is a line that says “this is a Kids Live Safe advertisement.”)

Child Predator Email Hoax

Who is sending this SPAM?

When we looked at the company Kids Live Safe we found there were many reports with the Better Business Bureau, with most of the complaints being related to poor service or people were not receiving what they were paying for. However we don’t believe this email is from Kids Live Safe, we just believe the creator this email hoax was none too bright and chose a bad company name in hopes of adding credibility to his email.

Why pay for Free Information?

First let’s say that you do not need to pay any third-party company to receive information about sexual predators or sexual offenders in your area, all of this information is freely available through most government websites. This was certainly a red flag to identify this email as a hoax. Some of the other red flags were the domain names being used in the email such as, beta. verizonbusinessphone. com.

After a brief investigation here’s what we found Verizonbusinessphone .com was registered and is owned by someone who lives in Orlando Florida, the email was sent from an IP address in Atlanta Georgia. Additionally we found that when you hover over the links they redirect you to the other side of the world first taking you to an Australian website which obviously has an infected file on it then linking you back to Verizonbusinessphone .com.

Protect yourself from email hoaxes

While it is only natural to want to protect your family, remember it begins by protecting your identity and your computer. As always ,the best thing to do in this case is to immediately delete the offending email. Never reply to these emails.

In the email we got there was even a “link” that would allow you to unsubscribe, unfortunately this link took you to the same place as all the other links contained in the email.

Yes these emails are invasive. Yes these emails are annoying. Unfortunately there is no way to permanently stop them, but you can protect yourself by simply deleting them. #KoiHosting #EmailScam #EmailHoax

Description: As is the typical signature of these types of email scams it comes with an emotional warning, one that in your haste may be lured into clicking links links in
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