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KFC Gift Card Scam

Updated: Mon, 31 Dec 2012

The Better Business Bureau has issued a warning about a scam involving the KFC name. The BBB says consumers are seeing emails claiming to be from Yum Brands!, KFCs parent company. It says if you fill out a survey you get a $100 gift card to KFC. The survey is a scam and some who have filled it out have been contacted by numerous telemarketers. The BBB says if you get this email, do yourself a favor and delete it.
KFC Gift Card Scam

Scammers posing as Kentucky Fried Chicken are luring victims with false promises of a free $100 KFC gift card. Emails mimicking the fast food chain have led consumers to believe they would receive the prize after completing an online survey. While KFC’s logo may be displayed in the message, BBB warns that scammers are at work for your personal information.

One victim complained to BBB that instead of receiving the gift card, she received numerous calls from telemarketers.

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