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Website Hosting Plans Our web Hosting plans offer simple to set up, easy to manage solutions for all your business needs.

Our web Hosting plans offer simple to set up, easy to manage solutions for all your business needs.

First and foremost, Koi Hosting has an outstanding record of uptime, nearly 100% to date.

Koi Hosting features web plans to deliver the best value for your money, including all the tools that you need to set up your online website or to expand what you already have.

Every one of Koi Hosting's servers is based on the LAMP framework. What is the LAMP framework? It’s an acronym. LAMP is a solution stack of software. This stack of software is used to run dynamic websites or servers. The original expansion is as follows:

  • Linux, referring to the operating system
  • Apache, the Web server
  • MySQL, the database management system (or database server)
  • Perl, PHP or Python which are scripting languages.

The combination of these technologies is used primarily to define a Web server infrastructure, define a programming paradigm for developing software, and established software distribution package.

Currently there are 3 basic types of hosting companies, all of various levels of performance and price.

  1. Private servers (a great solution if you have the budget and the experience.)
  2. Shared hosting with thousands of clients (the better solution if you don’t mind slower performance at times.)
  3. Economy hosting which has hundreds of thousands of websites. (The last alternative if your budget is minimal.)

Koi Hosting is pleased to offer another option we call it Minimal Private Shared Hosting.

Minimal Private Sharing gives you the exact same performance as having your own server, without the staff and expense of maintaining it.

Minimal Private Sharing is far less expensive than your own server, while only a few pennies a day more than Shared Hosting options.

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